Saturday, October 6, 2007

After Party Info

The after party will be held at 2606 W. North Ave in Humboltd Park.

Ain't it pretty?
From Sadie party s...

Start time:
The official start time is 6pm, dancing will start around 8pm, award announcements will start around 9pm, and IRO sprints right after awards announced (IRO sprint time may change so I'll let you know).

Non-racers who just want to party will be expected to pay $5 at the party if you want to enjoy the same beer pricing plan as the racers. We're just trying to avoid freeloaders drinking up all your beer you raced for. And it's for a good cause (healthy vaginas). Everyone loves a healthy vagina!

Our lovely sponsored beer is of course PBR. Beer will be sold similar to the method used at the messenger prom (except we won't have a crabby bartender but be nice to him or I will put you in a headlock). Your first beer will be $1 - every time you bring your can back, your next fermented beverage will be 25 cents. Hell, if you find a can on the floor, pick it up and get a beer for a quarter. We're just trying to keep the place as clean as possible.

There is a corner store and a liquor store close for the non-drinkers and the hard drinkers who would prefer to drink something outside of PBR.

Bike Parking:
There isn't much in the neighborhood. Michael and I are going to figure out if there's a way bikes can be brought upstairs so you can dance without worries. If not, find a place to lock and mass up.

Unfortunately, I was unable to get a food sponsor this year. But you are surrounded by deliciousness and shouldn't have a problem finding somewhere to grab a quick bite. Vegans - ask around and someone can help you eat, too. There are plenty options within a mile's radius!

IRO Sprints:
It will be $5 to participate. Sprint your ass off! Ladies, I encourage you to do the same!

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