Friday, November 16, 2007

Last call!

Sadie raised $2359.41...
an amazing amount of money for healthy vaginas and more than our goal!

We're so close to $2500, we wanted to just put it out there and see if anyone wanted to help us get that little $140 we needed. We're going to keep the Sadie books open over the weekend for any last-minute donations, and we'll have a grand total on Monday- let's shoot for $2500!
Give what you're comfortable with- a little or a lot- or if you're happy with what you gave at the jammin ride n' party, that's cool too! We'd just hate to have someone tell us next week, "oh, you were THAT close? I would have totally kicked in $10 more!"

So, here's the last call for Sadie's Chicago Women's Health Center donations!

keeping it awesome,
Team Sadie

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