Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Awesome Super Prize Announcement!

Newest sponsor added to our roster is Capricorn Bicycles out of Minneapolis!
The prize is a custom custom-geometry, fixed-gear, singlespeed, or road frame (winner's pick).

and it gets awesomer: this will be coupled with a custom paint job from Duane at Chester Cycles

Fully custom ride up for the taking! Thank You, Brad and Duane!

Also, additional sponsor just received is Ben's Cycle and Early To Bed (still keepin' it sexy)!


dave said...

is there anywhere where i can get info in a quick and easy way.
a friend has asked me to join her for this event... i would love to say yes, but the only thing i know is that it's on the 8th.

Sadie said...

A link to what the race is about:

What is the Sadie?

Here's some prelim info:



Saturday, November 8 - Registration at 4pm. Race starts at 5pm
Humboldt Park Boathouse, Chicago, IL
Humboldt Blvd between North and Division
No open containers!